Calgary Trip 2003

Visit with Anna Harder, 2003

Location: Pine Creek Cemetery


In 2003 I took a family trip to Calgary AB in Canada to visit where my mother and her sister grew up. One afternoon we took a trip to try and find a cemetery where a few relatives were laid to rest. Without specific directions, we eventually found it and the grave markers we were looking for. After a short visit we noticed a thunderstorm approaching so we began to leave. At the same time, we noticed another woman and her granddaughter were also leaving. We chatted and quickly discovered that she was the best friend of my mother's-mother. I never knew her since she passed away when my mother (Donna) was just 13. The woman, Anna, and her granddaughter, Shelley, were only there that day because Shelley had requested it. We made it back to Anna's car and she and Donna had a quick conversation about their connection with Marian Rye, Donna's mother, Anna's friend.

Take a listen




 And we used to, uh, we were oh maybe a quarter of a mile apart

 did you ever get a piece of grass and blow on it?




 Well we used to do that signal back and forth

  Now what do I do?


 This is recording, this is recording


 Oh pardon me.

 Oh ok.



 My name is Anna Harder

 281 1951 ... 281 1951, that's my phone number in the city of Calgary


 What's the area code?


 umm, 413,

 And Dale's is...

 287 not quite sure 1971


 And where does Dale live?



 She lives in the city of Calgary, can't remember, 6th street SW, but I can remember the number of the house

 Her name now is Pritchard


 And it was Carothers




 Now she is the granddaughter of Tom

 I'm the granddaughter of Jim

 Tell me again where you fit in here


 My brother married Jessie

 Remember Jessie Dalzell




 Keith Carothers, married [?]

 married Jessie Dalzell

 And I was just showing Shelley there, my brother Keith was killed in a gas company explosion.

 He was in charge of a crew that was putting a gas pipeline in just down here {?} so




 And one of the fellows, he was in charge of the crew.

 And one of the fellows said, "Jim think there's a leak" and Jim jumped down to check and it blew, and killed him immediately


 When was that?


 What did it say on that? Do you remember when it was?


 Long time ago.


 Oh a long time ago, yes.

 I didn't recall.

 He was in the army, Keith was in the army overseas, and they had two children, uh, Ron, who lived in, up in the NW Ter for years, and Dale. Dale is just a darling, she was favorite niece of mine.


 Different one.


 That's Dale. She's the daughter of these two.


 So her dad is Keith.


 Uh huh. And her grandparents were Tom, Tom and Dolly.


 Ok, all right, I got it.

 Now then you knew my mother.


 Yes I did. I knew Marian Rye. I knew her when she was Marian Dalzell


 And you lived really close.


 Yes, just a quarter of mile south.

 Actually, my sisters were Marion, ... and me

 But well all walked to school together, up to DeWiton.

 They had a school there at the time, where what is now the community hall, in DeWinton, that was the high school where we went...

 And I was just today, we just came by there because I was down, I'm in charge of the reunion at the high school and it's been 65 years since my two sisters graduated grade 12.

 So, we're trying to organize the reunion.

 So it'll be interesting and fun



 Now, what is your address, your mailing address


 Oh, 135 Brookgreen Dr SW Calgary T2W 2W4




 And I'm sorry, I don't know Dale's ... but I know it's 6th street

 If you looked in the phone book you'd find it.

 Her husband's name is Art Pritchard



 Well we're headed into Calgary now.

 We're going to see my Aunt Eunice.

 Do you remember Eunice Crauser?


 No I don't


 Eunice Eunice Rye, it was Eunice Rye.


 Oh was it


 So I will call her.


 Ya, do that. She'd be thrilled


 What was the number we were trying to remember?


 287 1971.


 That's her phone number


 I hope I got it right


 Well I'll find it...


 It's in the phone book...


 It's under Art or Dale Pritchard, ok


 She'd love to talk to you, I know she would, in fact she and my other niece are trying to get me to go to Utah, to look up relatives




 In the Mormon church.


 She sent me a whole family tree I had no idea my grandfather had that many brothers.

 So, let me give you my address.


 Yes, please do, It was umm.

 It's kind of interesting because, just, oh gosh, about a month ago, I was called by a cousin of mine that lives on Whidbey Island, and I have tried to, he had a letter from that I wrote in 1994, asking him to come to a reunion, and we never heard from her. Never heard till about a month ago on a Sunday, I had phone call. And he said this is John Caruthers, I just about lost my teeth. And, I said where are you, he said in Calgary, I said come over, no he said I'm going to a ball game because my son is playing ball here.

 And I said, I'm coming to the ball game.

 What do you look like?


 Good for you


 So, he said I've got a Kenny Rogers mustache and a black baseball cap, well I saw him right now. I know, ... so we had the best visit. And it was the first time I'd ever seen him, it was so unusual, you know from Whidbey island.

 It was wonderful. It really was exciting.

 And now I can see that you do look like your mother.

 Did anybody ever tell you?




 She used to have...




 Bangs, ya...


 Well we think she looks like her mom right here. This is Karen


 My youngest daughter.


 I can see that you do ya.

 It's that unusual.


 Well then my daughter, my granddaughter Madeline has her little hair cut the same.

 And I have my mother's picture, when she was little, probably about three years old. With that little blue dress, with the little white bunny rabbit...


 I can't remember


 What did you say Marion said about the girls?


 When she was passing away, you know she was very ill, she said she really didn't mind going herself, but she hated to leave the girls.


 She talked to you about that?


 Um hmm, ya.


 Well we made it!

 My sister is here too.

 She actually is in Calgary with her family.


 Oh wonderful


 We were all able to come.


 And this is Donna, what's her name?



 And she's also a Rye obviously.

 And I don't know her address, she lives about four blocks from me.


 Oh does she?


 Ya, I know her phone number.


 Where's Kirkland from Seattle?


 We're across Lake Washington

 It's just likelittle suburb.

 So it's basically the Seattle area.

 It's kinda like Okotoks from Calgary, it's about that far, ok?

 Ok, there you go.

 Now, I don't know what all this stuff is, we found it in our car ...




People Discussed

Anna Harder

Phone: 281 1951

Address: 135 Brookgreen Dr SW Calgary T2W 2W4

May 23, 1924 - August 19, 2015

From <>


Jim [Grandfather]

Keith Carothers [brother of Anna]

Married Jessie Dalzell

Shelley [granddaughter of Anna]


Dale Pritchard (Carothers) [Daughter to Keith and Jessie]

Phone: 287 1971

Address: 6th street SW Calgary AB

Art Pritchard [Husband]


Tom [Grandfather]

Dolly [Grandmother]


Donna Nelson (Rye)

Joan Cramer (Rye)

Eunice Rye (Crauser)

Karen Jussel (Nelson, daughter to Donna)

Madeline Nelson (granddaughter to Donna)