Do You Even Salmon?

I came across this gem the other day, a salmon cookbook. I'm already looking forward to eating some this summer although I'm not sure if I'll utilize any of these recopies, but who knows? I do love the fact that whoever owned this in the past, on page 27, has marked Salmon Patties as, "good". Perhaps that'll be the one I try.

I wasn't able to find any publishing information so I've listed the people involved that I could pull from the pamphlet.

It's interesting to me, to see who was involved in this. Makes me wonder what I will work on, maybe forgotten, that will surface many years later.

Title: Salmon Cookbook

Washington Department of Fisheries

Eating pleasure from Washington State's King of fish

Olympia, Washington

by: Iola I. Berg; Editorial Assistant

Daniel J. Evans

Governor - Dan Evans

Thor C. Tollefson

Director - Thor C. Tollefson

Editor - Don Reed, January, 1971

The file species of Pacific salmon that are caught in Washington water are truly the king of all the world’s foodfish, although only one is sometimes called by that name.
Every year salmon command the highest price per pound in world markets, and while the supply varies from year to year, Washington commercial salmon fisherman take pride n supplying thousands of outlets each year so the hungry millions may enjoy this eating teat.
Washington sportsmen, along with visitors, take around one million salmon yearly from Washington waters and most of these salmon end up on dining tables either fresh, frozen or canned to add to the utilization of this delicious fish.
Just about any cook has a favorite salmon recipe, and a book much thicker than this one could not include all of them. Contained herein, however, are a number of good, tested recipes. To sample them, all you need is salmon, any of the species, and in either fresh, frozen or canned form. We are certain you will find one or more that will add to your eating pleasure - so, Bon Appetit!
Don Reed