How to make clear ice cubes

Here's a quick tutorial for creating crystal clear ice cubes.

This method uses tap water and does not require boiling. In the many different tests I've run, you may see better results with distilled water that you can purchase from the store. I depends on the water supply where you live.


Cooler - Remove the lid. [Amazon]
Ice Mold Tray - Punch holes in the bottom of each cube of the mold. [Amazon]
- Set the freezer as 'warm' as you can
Cookie Cutter - This is only to keep the Ice Mold Tray up off the bottom of the cooler and inch or two. You can use whatever works here, I just happen to have a star shaped cookie cutter.


  1. Place the cookie cutter in the bottom of the cooler.
  2. Place the cube mold on top of the cookie cutter.
  3. Fill cooler with water to just below the top of the cube mold.
  4. Place cooler in the freezer (lid off)
  5. Wait 1-2 days.
  6. Remove.
  7. Let melt until the entire block will slide out.
  8. Run hot water on the cloudy bottom side of the block until the cubes are free.


- When storing the cubes for later use, especially if in a much colder freezer, they will get 'dry' on the outside and will crack if put them in a beverage right away. To avoid this, allow the ice to sit out for a few minutes, until they begin to sweat and get a clear watery surface. This will help avoid cracking what you worked so 'hard' to get.
- Holes are needed in the bottom of each individual cube of the tray to allow the gasses to escape out the bottom (creating the cloudy part)
- You will usually see that one of the cubes actually grows a few inches tall. It won't be as clear but will be a fun extra piece.
- When melting the cloudy bottom of the larger block, you'll end up with some mostly clear larger chunks which can be broken up or picked for ice chunks.