Wanted: Speakers for Cheap

Looking add a new listening space to your home or room?

Are you short of cash?

The following is less expensive and will sound better than most Bluetooth speakers you can purchase. Really.

Dayton Audio B625 Speakers

Lepai LP-2020 Tripath Class-T Amplifier

As you can see, I have this setup on my piano. This is great for working out songs and puts me in a great near-field listening position.

The prices are always moving up and down on these items, but you can usually pick up the speakers and amp for around $65 or less... sometimes much less.

Along with the Amazon links above, I'd also check out the items on Parts-Express and Monoprice.

Bonus Infos:

Infos #1: Skip the weak 12V 2Amp power supply that comes with the amp. Get a Replacement 60W 12V 5A Adapter Charger for Benq LCD Monitors ... it is a 12V 5Amp power supply that actually gives you all the power the amp is designed for. I went over a year with the original power supply and was satisfied more or less. But the amp would clip and momentarily shut off if I pushed the volume too high. With the new power supply, no problems and sounds even better.

Infos #2: There is an entire community surrounding this speaker/amp combo. There write ups on how to upgrade the capacitors in the amp for even better sound and performance. Apparently, the capacitors that the amp is built with have a quality control issue. Sometimes you get good, sometimes you don't. I am currently happy with what I got, so haven't pulled apart and rewired yet. Maybe later. I suspect though that we're getting into the very fine details on specific sound details.

Infos #3: I'm a musician and a low grade audiophile, and while I can personally attest to the good sound that these speakers put out, why not take the word of a professional? Steve Guttenberg knows what he's talking about.