Tech Support Scams Redux

It's been a while, but I got another call today from "Microsoft" telling me that I "have been disconnected from the Microsoft."

Reminds me of a podcast where Mike and I discussed this when I was getting a couple of these calls a month.

Listening to this a year later, it's actually quite insightful on how this process works. For instance, the guy calling me NEVER asked me for money or my credit card info. Also, we discussed the fact that this guy may just be working for a living and might not necessarily be overtly evil. He got pretty pissed of when he realized I was messing with him.

In the podcast I actually have audio of the phone call. Skip to 19:26 to get directly to the point.

OR, you can just play it here...


This is from a podcast I work on with my brother, RenaissanceMan24


This specific podcast is great. It's full of threats of FTC crimes, imprisonment for me and my family and salary-shaming. Also, Piggly Wiggly is mentioned.